Friday, October 15, 2010

get a life...

with the intense topic and subject matter of the show, people are bound to form some opions. everyone is entitled to what they think and can say..but some people should keep their mouths shut and their hands off their keyboards.
some of the message boards and the articles are portraying women and men with eating disorders as attention starved head cases that should just shove a hamburger down their throat and get it over with. well i took it upon myself to stick it to a guy that, really, had no place posting what he did.

"nickcini, Bravo for managing to spit such hate about people you've never met and spell 50% of it correctly. People suffering from (your spelling) anerexia and other very serious disorders are more complex than you make us out to be. If you took all the energy you spent seeking out a website about people with eating disorders, watching a youtube clip, searching for the show's website, and then making some uneducated responses in a message forum, odds are you wouldn't be the one desperatly seeking some attention and instead, contributing something productive to society. My guess is that you are somehow suffering from your own form a disease that you don't understand because you are two busy pointing fingers at others. Don't talk about adding fuel to a fire with this kind of show when you are the one openly offering your judgemental opinions; those are the kindling to the flames. These women and men are brave, courageous and deep...they are troubled, suffering, and some really want the help...and who are you to say that they aren't really sick? My recommendation to you is that before you begin dabbling in physiological illness, behaviors, and treatments, you check your immaturity at the door or no one will take you seriously, not that many will with your childish name calling and bullying..I also recommend spell check"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

as most of you might know.....

....our family was participating in a documentary series with the E channel about the treatment of eating disorders. If you didn't know, I am trying to recover from a long spanning intertwined combination of OCD, annorexia and body dismorphia. I did the show so people could really identify and come to terms with their own struggles, try to help someone get help for themselves.

If anyone has any questions for me about, eating disorders in general, what the show is about, anything...please ask. that is the point.

As for me, it's a work in progress. some days are easy and some are so difficult that I can't imagine at 6am how I'll make it through the day without breaking down and crawling into bed until the next morning. I have a great family, and a great group of friends, and a doctor and dietician that are skilled in their specialties and so we shall see what the future holds...hopefully this will all be a sad afterthought years from now because i'll be too happy being normal and enjoying life as it was meant to be cherished.