Friday, March 19, 2010

TMI maybe but....

...the dunn baby making factory, which was taken over by new management i.e. big huge, precancerous masses, has been shut down for the season.

After the surgery, I had a follow up visit with my doctor and he said that...and this is the part where it might be TMI but several people have asked me about it ovaries aren't functioning like they should be. the normal egg follicle that populates every 28 days or so is instead growing into a huge cyst, which becomes a mass after 3 cm and it's extremely painful. during the surgery, 4 of them were removed. At my two week visit, I was already stricken by another one about 3cm in size...can't get a break!

What the doctor is doing is shutting down the egg production, letting everything settle and quiet down for awhile and then in 6 months or so, we'll kick start them up again. the hope is that they will react normally. here's hoping! if it doesn't work and it causes more problems, constant surgeries or trips to the ER, than they will have to come out entirely.

I was really sad when I heard the news and relieved at the same least it wasn't the worse possible news...cancer or something terrible like that .... but it's upsetting to know that things aren't working properly and that my body turned on itself. I think it likes to be at the hospital....all that cleanliness and hypoallergenic everything and the good cubed ice...but i hate it. so for now, we're going to "wait and see" which is quickly becoming the catch phrase for everything in my life right now.

I was kidding around with my friend kami and told her "i'll be back just in time for the next baby"..meaning that dylan will be a year old by than which is when some people start wanting another baby...i was kidding, kind of...we're going to see what type of new toddler disposition dylan has first, and we're waiting to see if landon will ever learn how to use a quiet voice and that he doesn't have to run everywhere.