Friday, October 30, 2009

my little boy is two today......

landon turned two is a bittersweet feeling..maybe even more so than when he turned one. at one, he was still kind of a baby and now, he is becoming more and more of a big boy. we bought him a big boy bed for his birthday and soon, we will be embarking on the joyous event of pottytraining. looking at him, i can still his round little baby face with the perfectly chubby cheeks. those big blues eyes still steal my heart. i'm so blessed (most of the time, he is a toddler afterall) to have him. he makes us laugh all the time. for instance, today at the doctor, we were waiting to be seen by the nurse and he in his diaper. he got down in a bear crawl position and was doing this weird, interpretive dance kind of thing..i was in tears it was so funny. he makes us very proud of him as he learns and grows in his life. he is becoming a well rounded athlete, liking all sports. he loves to go watch his uncle kyle play's adorable. he jumps up and down and claps and cheers for him. he loves soccer and for his birthday, we got him a nerf football which he can catch pretty well and throw also. there are so many things i love about my little bubba....even when he is trying my patience and driving jordan nuts, it doesn't take much for him to win us over, a little bubba-chatter, a wide huge smile, and hug accompanied by a his "aww" sound of affection. the cutest thing is when he is being a big brother. i felt really guilty in the begining, having another baby. i felt like landon wouldn't understand or accept another child in the house. he has been great. he likes to feed dylan and hug him and he get upset if he thinks we are all going to the car without him. i almost cried the other day when i saw him sitting dy dylan's swing and patting him on the tummy because the baby was crying. dylan loves his brother. he laughs and smiles at him all the time. landon is still trying to figure things out about the candy is supposed to be a treat and not a diet staple; that steps aren't the only things to climb, that shots hurt, that a hug from daddy usually makes it all better and mommy makes the ouchies go away, that grandparents live far away and it is the best thing to spend time together with family, that a doggy doesn't like his tail pulled, that doors can lock behind you, that big boys use the big potty, balls aren't the only things you can throw, bathtime does equal playtime, and that you get places sooner when you run really fast.

so to you (landon, lando, landy pants, mr bubba, bubbas, bunkin, bucket) we love you! we love your blue eyes, your belly laugh when you're being tickled, your "boston" accent, your faux hawk, your inability to walk anywhere and how fast you are, your tip toe walk, your excity boy, your gibberish, your bedtime hugs and kisses for everyone, your desire to drink from the big cup with the straw, your dipping sauce addiction, your soccer ball kicking, your mean mugging, your kung fu master karate skills, your "ah man!", your chocolate milk obession, your binky addiction, your three blankies at all times, your cuddles, your not talking on the phone when someone is talking to you, your animal noises, your ears, big brother protectiveness, and everything else that makes you!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

mommy duty

the day came...the day to go back to work. it hadn't really hit me until today. i was at work and jordan sent me a text asking me if landon had eaten breakfast. i replied with a snapshot of his day; carnation instant breakfast and mickey mouse clubhouse, breakfast about an hour later, nap around noon, lunch, then an afternoon snack about 4. it made me sad; having to run down the details of my child's day instead of being there.....the guilt only intensified when a text came later in the morning that landon was throwing up (which he never does) and had a fever. i've been beating myself up all day long because i can't be there with him, to cuddle and comfort him. we had so much time together that now, when i leave, i can't imagine what i'll do without him for 8 hours....add to that my little guy dylan. seeing them and jordan at the end of the day is what fuels me and keeps me going the rest of the day. after being home so long on bedrest and maternity leave, i will scream it from the rooftop that being a full time mom is the hardest full time job ever! being an insurance agent is nothng comapred to being a mom from sun up to sun, i'm a mom and wife for a few hours in the morning, an insurance agent all day, a mom and wife at night...not to mention the times i'm a mover, a maid, a laundress, and all the other hats i wear during the day. mommy duty is hard work!!
now, i will leave my desk at work and go home to a little boy who has the flu, a little boy who is learning to smile (steals your heart) and a husband who has had a rough day dealing with everything else on top of trying to get some work done!! bless him!!