Thursday, May 20, 2010

dylan's 9 months old

my little tank is 9 months old today. it's hard to believe. he's old as the time it took to make him and he's so different than that little boy i met that first day.
although is pretty relaxed and chill most of the time, he is also the squirmiest baby ever! it is impossible to change him or change his clothes or get him to lay flat on his back for more than a second. he's hard to hold because he moves so, he's kind of heavy. we went to his 9 mth check up and he weighs 18.2 pounds, down a little from last time because he is more active now.
he crawls really fast and he pulls himseld up to stand. a couple days ago he figured out that standing leads to walking when he's holding onto something. landon walked at 10 months so i won't be surprised if he starts taking off pretty soon.
he still doesn't sleep all the way through the night and that is still really rough...on doesn't seem to bother him.
he has the best laugh!! it's like a squeaky toy, just like how landon's used to be. he laughs a lot and mostly at landon..his brother tries to make him smile all of the time, well, most of the time.
his allergies are still a big problem and he breaks out in rashes, hives, runny noses and we are trying to keep in managed well but sometimes, nothing helps except taking him inside and giving him a breathing treatment and some zyrtec. poor baby.
he babbles and says 'mummum' and 'dada' and 'bubba' which is adorable and hard to resist picking him up when he's tugging on your leg. he loved having our family come to visit over the last couple of months and really loves his uncle kyle, just like his brother.

speaking of...

landon has been a handful lately. as he gets to the three year old mark he is getting more and more verbal and that is so fantastic considering his delay and hearing problems but at the same time, he says the things you don't want to hear...."no" and different variations of "no". it's so frustrating. he says "no" even to the things he does want sometimes. he is so curious and adventurous and it leads to lots of bumps and bruises. as for his health, he seems to be improving. we stopped taking him to all the doctors, took him off all the medicine and have making sure he gets some sleep, eats well, and gets lots of healthy exercise. even though he makes me crazy, he is the light of my life! he says "i love you. i missed you" and all the things that melt your heart. he loves to say prayers and is really good at reminding us to say them at dinner and breakfast. he is really athletic and is getting better with his coordination. i can't wait for him to be able to play organized sports!! it's gonna be awesome!

these boys...they are so much work and they take some much out of me but they give me so much at the same this is possible, i don't know and i probably never will know. maybe we have some kind of solar rechargeable mom battery implanted in our bodies sure isn't sleep or laundry that keep us going so that must be some explaination.